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Extract hidden insights by carefully understanding your business objectives, incorporating data sources such as text, audio, video & more.

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Tailor state-of-the-art AI algorithms to fit your business needs.

Production ready models

Produce AI solutions that are ready to integrate and grow with your business, leveraging the latest MLOPs principles and technologies.


We at Artinus Consulting believe that data science should be treated as a science.

Too often machine learning is treated as a copy-paste solution applied to your data. However, we at Artinus understand that each client’s problems present unique challenges that require a custom solution. 

Jason Carayanniotis

Jason Carayanniotis

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Leveraging his background in math and physics from Memorial University, Jason first began applying AI and deep learning techniques to discover novel insights in nanophotonic research at Avalon Holographics. He then joined IMRSV Data Labs in Ottawa as a machine learning engineer where he worked on natural language processing and computer vision models for diverse clients.

Adam Gardner

Adam Gardner

Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

Adam Gardner earned a PhD in mathematics from University of Toronto, where he developed an exceptional ability to quickly analyze, understand and solve complex problems. Adam has since leveraged this skill to implement research-level algorithms and create visualizations that reveal business insights hidden within client data. Adam applies a rigorous, systematic methodology incorporating state-of-the-art data pipeline software to efficiently achieve client objectives.

Andrew Emard

MLOPS Engineer

Aidan Lochbihler

ML Engineer

Krishan Rajaratnam

ML Engineer


Samuel Thiankee

MLOPS Engineer


Aria Sardari

ML Researcher (Co-Op)


Javad Marnani

ML Researcher (Co-Op)

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